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Landscape Design And Installation

Green Care would be happy to schedule a time to meet and discuss how we could improve your landscaping. We specialize in rejuvenating old, overgrown landscapes or starting over with a totally new design. Improving your landscaping is an investment that will make a dramatic improvement to the appearance of your property in a short time. Whatever stage you find yourself in we can help.

There is an initial fee for a landscape design which is credited toward your invoice if you have us do the installation. If your project is simple or you already have a design idea in mind, we can skip the design stage and move forward with getting you a quote.

All of our plants come from top quality wholesale nurseries located in Indiana.

We hand pick our plants from a huge selection ensuring that you get only the very best plant material available.


New plant watering instructions

New plants require regular watering to establish a healthy root system. Watering requirements change based on soil type, weather conditions, and plant type. The first thing you should do before watering new plants is check the soil moisture at a depth of around eight inches. You can do this with a small trowel or stick. If the soil is damp then don’t water. Watering too much can be just as bad for your new plants as not enough water. You should never water new plantings without checking soil moisture first. In general, new plantings should be watered every other day for the first week and then twice per week after that for the first year or until established. Once established, plants may still need additional water the first two to three years if the weather is dry for an extended period. When watering plants it is important to gently water at the base of the plant. There is no reason to wet the leaves of the plant as this only encourages fungus and disease. Water with a slow trickle making sure that the water absorbs into the soil and doesn’t run off and away from the plant.