Environmentally Safe Weed Control and Pest Management

lawn-mowing-company-lafayette-indiana-green-careGreen Care is an environmentally conscious business that practices integrated pest management (IPM). IPM means that we have the knowledge to effectively identify the problem and treat it correctly the first time. By doing this, Green Care avoids making unnecessary applications and is able to use the least amount of chemical possible to effectively control the pest at hand, helping keep Lafayette and Indiana free from unnecessary environmental pollutants. Green Care uses the newest and safest products on the market, along with the best equipment available furnished with GPS to provide the most accurate application possible with no waste.



Lawn Treatments

lawn-mower-lafayette-indianaThe application program that you choose will be determined by the needs of your specific lawn and your expectations. Green Care’s basic application program consists of 5 – 8 applications of fertilizer/weed control. Green Care uses all granular fertilizer and liquid weed control throughout the season. Granular products are time released so they will slowly release nutrients over a period of time, keeping your lawn green longer between applications.





When to Expect Applications

lawn-care-lafayette-lawn-applications-indianaWith a standard 5 step program, your lawn will receive two spring applications, one summer application, and two fall treatments. The first application will contain pre-emergent weed control to prevent annual weeds such as crabgrass. The second spring application will consist of a post-emergent product to control any perennial weeds common to the Lafayette, Indiana area, such as dandelions. Summer applications contain a high amount of slow-release nitrogen to help your lawn make it through the stress of summer heat. If you choose to put down preventative grub control, it will be included with your summer application. This will prevent damaging grub problems for the rest of the year and into the following spring. The fourth application will contain broadleaf weed control and a balanced fall fertilizer. The last application, known as a “winterizer” will contain a large amount of fast-release nitrogen. Your lawn will store this readily available nitrogen as food over the winter and will emerge from the snow cover as a healthy, thick lawn in the spring. Additional applications may include insecticides and fungicides depending on your specific needs.

A Note about Fall Lawn Care and Applications

Fall is an excellent time to fertilize cool season turf. During this time, you will notice that growing may start to slow down before the onset of freezing temperatures. The top growth is in fact slowing, but the roots of your lawn are continuing to grow vigorously through the cooler fall weather. Fertilizing at this time will thicken up your lawn without the side effects of additional mowing as you would see in the spring.

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