Maintaining a small lawn with aeration and detachment is a small way to improve your home's appearance.

Lawn Care Services

Every Service You Need for a Beautiful Lawn

Thin grass? Brown patches? If you’re dissatisfied with the appearance of your lawn for any reason, Green Care can help – even if you’re not exactly sure what’s wrong. Our lawn services include:

Basic Lawn Care

A recently mowed lawn looks neat with short grass and clippings removed.

Basic service includes mowing, trimming, edging, and cleaning of all grass clippings from drives and walkways.

Fertilizer and Weed Control

A proper fertilizer and weed removal program leaves a lawn looking lush and fresh.

Green Care’s fertilizer and weed control programs include 5 – 8 applications per year to keep your lawn looking healthy year around, through hot, dry Lafayette summers and freezing winters alike.

Insect and fungus programs are also available – see our Fertilizer and Weed Control section for more details.



A greencare roller is used to improve the look of uneven ground.

Improves the appearance of uneven ground.


A Greencare employee detaches the dead under layer of grass to make way for overseeding.

Dethatching removes the dead layer of grass below the green, actively growing grass.

It is typically not required on a well maintained lawn, but it is sometimes required before overseeding for the best results.



A before picture shows sparse grass and an after picture shows the benefits of overseeding.

Overseeding helps increase the density of the grass in your lawn. Thick grass improves the appearance of your lawn by choking out weeds and not giving them any room to take over.

Fall is the best time of the year to have this done. It can be done in the spring with good results, but be sure to notify us before having your lawn treated for the first time in the spring.

Core Aeration

An aerator is used to replenish air and nutrients for healthy soil.

Aerating your lawn has many important benefits. It relieves compacted soils and forces air, water, and nutrients into the rootzone which allows microorganisms to survive. With thriving microorganisms beneath the surface, you will have less trouble with thatch, resulting in a more beautiful lawn. Green Care recommends core aeration at least once a year in the Lafayette, Indiana area.

Landscaped large lawns still look professional and clean.

Lawn Care Services

Dreaming of a thick, green lawn? Green Care can help with all of your lawn care needs.

Hedges and bushes can add privacy to your home.

Landscaping Services

Add the finishing touches to your property with expert shrub and tree care and mulch or rock installation

Landscaping large lawns with trees and other obstructions is no problem.

Fertilizer and Weeds

A weed control program helps promote a healthy lawn. Green Care uses environmentally friendly practices to rid your lawn of weeds.

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